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Casting Shadows: A Dominic Wolfe Short, by Lincoln Chase

Casting Shadows

Falling in love is easy, but falling into addiction is even easier. Mix the two together and daily life becomes a blur of desperate decisions and fading hope. This companion short to The Dominic Wolfe Tales offers a sobering glimpse into the past of Natalie Wolfe. She wasn't always the beautiful stepsister we've come to think of so fondly.

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Split Shift: A Dominic Wolfe Short, by Lincoln Chase

Split Shift

Old ladies and spice drops and Tide Pods, oh my!

Dominic Wolfe—career go-between for the living and dead—has made some poor decisions in life. Offering to man the gate of eternity for a few minutes will soon appear in his top five. It sounds easy enough in theory—open gate, herd the dead through like sheep—but as Dominic is about to discover the hard way, dead people are anything but cooperative.

Not only will this hysterical Dominic Wolfe short have you in stitches, it's a great primer for Lincoln Chase's Paranormal Fantasy series. Bite-sized and value-priced for readers with crap to do and bills to pay, the Dominic Wolfe Tales are at once dark, frightening and downright hilarious.

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Afflicted, by Lincoln Chase


Willow Springs is scarcely a speck on the map—an old mining community where pickups still outnumber economy cars by four to one and the locals don't know what to make of the new Starbucks. Yet beneath the veneer of small-town charm, something sinister is at work. A force as old as time itself has awakened and for the inhabitants of Willow Springs, one thing is certain.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

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Tide Pool, by Lincoln Chase

Tide Pool

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime—seven all-inclusive days of pristine beach and relaxation. But when Alec Lansing's wife vanishes from a snorkeling excursion, Alec's remaining time in Mexico becomes a perilous struggle for survival.

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Absolute Chaos (A Dominic Wolfe Tale: Book 3), by Lincoln Chase

Absolute Chaos

There was a time when Dominic Wolfe enjoyed his job as a courier for the dead. But that was before he awakened a horde of bone-crunching giants in the divide. Since then, the entire underworld has fallen into complete chaos.

Not that things are faring much better topside. Aside from Dominic's usual afflictions—broke with a penchant for Berry Cosmos, and therefore single—a corrupt cop is terrorizing the neighborhood. When Detective Slade calls upon Dominic to help bring the guy down, Dominic seizes the chance to do something right for once. It might be just what he needs to get back on track.

Then again, it might just cost him everything.

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Half Past Rage (A Dominic Wolfe Tale: Book 2), by Lincoln Chase

Half Past Rage

Dominic Wolfe isn't perfect. Sometimes he forgets to put the toilet seat down. And yes, he might've accidentally unleashed a vengeful spirit on his best friend Otto. But hey—everyone makes mistakes, right?

Nevertheless, Otto has become a mindless killing machine, ready to slaughter anyone unlucky enough to cross his path—including Dominic. With a trigger-happy detective breathing down his neck, it's up to Dominic to stop the carnage before it's too late.

Which begs the question: how exactly does one kill a spirit without dooming its unwitting host?

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Kinda Sorta Dead (A Dominic Wolfe Tale: Book 1), by Lincoln Chase

Kinda Sorta Dead

Dominic Wolfe dies for a living. You'd think it would be hard to screw up—dying should be a whole lot easier than living, wouldn't you think?—but if Dominic has one finely-honed talent, it's screwing up like a boss. Naturally, when a needy client demands the impossible—well, forbidden—Dominic figures, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, everything.

Bite-sized and value-priced for readers with crap to do and bills to pay, the Dominic Wolfe series is at once dark, frightening and downright hilarious.

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Deadline, by Lincoln Chase


Desperate to reinvigorate his career, washed-up novelist Miles Conroy looks to Montana's wooded mountains for the peace and inspiration to write a best seller. But however dazzling, the remote wilderness of the high country is an unforgiving place with a dark secret.

Reality and perception collide in this nail-biting thriller, where nothing is as it seems.

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I Don't Eat Things With Eyes, Written by Teresa Hanley / Illustrated by Daniel Wimberley

I Don't Eat Things With Eyes!

From the heart of a teacher, I Don't Eat Things With Eyes! is the perfect book to teach your child about the importance of diversity, courage and conviction. Though Ped the python wants nothing more than to please the headmaster at his school, he wouldn't dream of harming another soul, let alone eat one for lunch. Join Ped as he experiences the value of friendship, standing up for his beliefs and the reward for embracing his kind nature.

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Marshal Law: Satan's Brand, by Will Kinnebrew

Marshal Law: Satan's Brand

The touch of evil leaves a lasting mark.

Battle weary Samson Crow would love nothing more than to retire in his beloved Rocky Mountains. But after suppressing an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government only a year earlier, the Deputy U.S. Marshal must once more put his life in harm's way. A corrupt United Nations now seeks to take control of the country under the direction of an evil tyrant.

Their numbers are impressive, their brutality unmatched. Worse, Crow soon discovers the enemy isn't merely an army of Islamic radicals; the devil himself has his eye on the United States and will stop at nothing to claim it as his own.

Against all odds, Sam and his unlikely band of brothers?an aging Apache chief, a black timber wolf and a horse that draws thieves like moths to a flame?must defy certain death to protect their country and all that it stands for. It isn't a simple duel of wits; it's an age-old battle of good versus evil that transcends the flesh.

Has the United States finally met its end, or will the American people finally put their differences aside to vanquish evil once and for all?

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Marshal Law, by Will Kinnebrew

Marshal Law

The world has changed.

Wars and an insidious plague has caused technology to take a back seat to survival. The USA is struggling to get back on her feet. While camping in the Oklahoma wilderness of the Ouachita Mountains, Deputy Marshal Samson Crow discovers four girls fleeing an age-old enemy that thrives on evil. An enemy that has left nothing but destruction in its wake. With no one to turn to, Sam sets out alone with his horse Patton, traveling across the country to seek out and destroy this enemy. On his seemingly one man crusade, he discovers that there are still many true patriots willing to lend a helping hand.

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The Many Names of Magdalena Cruz, by Colleen McCarty

The Many Names of Magdalena Cruz

A contemporary tale of passion, espionage, war, redemption, and love.

Broad-shouldered Richard Burke has sacrificed a normal life chasing the next big story as a reporter. On rest from two years overseas, he's approached by the CIA in an effort to turn his next big story into a spy mission. The end game: Cuba and the take down of the Castros.

Enter the alluring Magdelena, with her ex-revolutionary past and scars to prove it. She's not faring well under Castro's communism, doing laundry for rich patrons under the punishing supervision of Cuba's internal spy network. She's looking for an out, for love, to feel again and Richard Burke is exactly what she wants and nothing she needs.

Thrown together, torn apart, betrayed and beaten, the lovers must overcome years of historical animosity and their own personal demons if they're to succeed. But whose end-game are they fighting for and can they afford to choose each other?

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The Wandering Tree, by Daniel Wimberley

The Wandering Tree

A spellbinding coming-of-age tale.

Poverty has a way of stripping childhood of its dignity, a fact of life that Lincoln Chase knows all too well. Wearing thrift store clothes, praying to the gods of adolescence that some loud-mouthed kid doesn't recognize his old shirt. Building up firewood reserves while other boys are out popping fly balls without a care in the world. It's a relentless condition without a single redeeming quality.

Of course, being poor is something that Lincoln has had time to accept. That his father is a convicted murderer, on the other hand... well, that's a fresh wound that'll take some getting used to. And soon enough it'll be the least of his problems.

Yet all is not lost. Because in a long neglected hayfield, something extraordinary is happening—something so contrary to human thinking that the rules of possibility begin to unravel. And for a boy like Lincoln, it doesn't merely change the way he sees the world.

It changes everything.

The Pedestal, by Daniel Wimberley

The Pedestal

In a world balanced on the cutting edge of technology, what happens when the lights go out?

Wilson Abby's life as a carefree programmer has reached a crossroads. Since birth, Wilson has known unconditional comfort and security in a global super-community. Thanks to the planet's NEXUS framework, instant gratification is a mere transaction away. But when his closest friend mysteriously turns up dead, Wilson suspects that not all is as it seems.

Peeling back a veneer of half-truths, Wilson makes a startling discovery—one that people will kill to bury, starting with Wilson's coworkers and loved ones.

As deadly forces close in, Wilson has no choice but to abandon his home for the seclusion of an off-planet research base. There, far from the probing gaze of the NEXUS, a beautiful scientist is busy playing God—with monstrous consequences.

The Pedestal is a thrilling glimpse into a society madly infatuated with integration and endless consumer upgrades. Wilson must battle gangsters, conspiring politicians and hordes of flesh-eating creations before civilization is toppled from its pedestal.

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