Manuscript Editing & Preparation


Every work is a unique animal; some are thoroughly refined, in need of a little polish, while others need some serious help before publication should be sought or considered.


1. Comprehensive Critique

Not sure if your work is ready for prime time just yet? A comprehensive critique of your work will help identify any major problems that should be addressed before you invest in other editing services.


2. Substantive

Looking to boost the overall quality of your manuscript? Substantive editing analyzes your manuscript for plot holes, slips in perspective or tense, disruption in flow and much more.


3. Line Editing

As the name implies, line editing polishes your manuscript one line at a time to make it more presentable to agents, publishers and end-readers.


4. Proofreading

Regardless of how much time you’ve invested in your writing, mistakes have a way of persisting. Proofreading is your last editing line of defense against typos, mistakes in word usage, perspective, tense, punctuation and formatting.


5. Beta Reading

Before presenting your wares to the masses, beta readers can offer valuable feedback on the viability of your completed work. Think of them as a focus group; if there’s a problem in your book, they’re going to let you know about it.

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